Morgan Freeman on his new National Geographic show, ‘The Story of Us’

Morgan Freeman in “The Story of Us.”

National Geographic

In Morgan Freeman’s new National Geographic show, “The Story of Us

,” the Hollywood icon travels the globe interviewing a diverse multitude of people, including a few famous public figures, to shed light on the common bonds of the human experience. 

Business Insider spoke to Freeman and the show’s producers, James Younger and Lori McCreary, at a hotel suite in New York City.

We discussed Freeman’s interviews with Bill Clinton and Nadya Tolokno of 

Pussy Riot for the series, his personal keys to longevity, and the show’s mission to, as Freeman put it, “reduce the amount of tension between people who don’t know each other.”

(“The Story of Us” premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on National Geographic. If you have any issues regarding where by and how to use, you can speak to us at our own page. ) 

John Lynch: Mr. Freeman, your interviewing in the series is incredible and really the driving force of the show, as opposed to a voiceover narration. What made that face-to-face element the best way to tell these stories?

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